Pylea was the home world dimension of Lorne and Home to the Death Wok Plan.

It is a dimension in which humans are treated as cattle and are used as slaves, kills and food.

Through the Looking GlassEdit

Cordelia Chase is accidentaly sucked into the Pylea Dimension Portal and ends up first as a cattle slave to a female wok Demon but later as the Queen because of her visions.

Angel, Lorne, Gunn and Wesley travel to Pylea to save Cordelia and end up stirring famiyl reunions, forced sacrifices and finally are brought up before the queen.

Angel discovers the suns here do not affect him but the plave eventually does.

He reverts to an angry demon form and is saved by Winifred Burkle.

They later escape with Cordelia and Winifred.

Later YearsEdit

In Season 5 in the episode Life of the Party a bodguard demon reveals to Lorne that his jacket is made out of Pylea implying that he or another demon for him destroyed it.

Lorne later becomes his hulking alter ego and kills the demon in a toilet stall.

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