Cordelia Chase was a student at Sunnydale High school and was the popular cheerleader rich girl and most feared of posse.

The school was situated above a hellmouth and she soon fell into the odd company of the scooby gang.

She assisted Buffy Summers and the rest of the gang and even started to become a sort of friend to the group.

She was going out with Xander Harris till him and Willow Rosenberg shared a last moment kiss.

Cordelia and Oz witnessed the pash and it sent Cordelia runnign up the creaky stairs till they collapsed upon her.

She was severely injured because of which.

She later when returned to school found her popular group of girls including Harmony now reverted to teasing and humiliating her for Xander.

She later after helping with the Graduation Day battle against Mayor Wilkins left Sunnydale for Los Angelas.

She wished to pursue an acting career.

However she later met up with Angel and joined Angel Investigations.

The VisionsEdit

Cordelia only discovered her love for Doyle at the time of his sacrifice as he shared a last brief kiss with her endowing her with his powers.

She later became the seer for the powers that be as her mind throttling visions guided Angel and the Gang.

She later on her birthday fell into acoma from a deep vision and discovered from the Demon Skip that only half demons can handle teh visions.

She was offered a normal life or to become half demon.

She chose not to leave Angel after seeing without her hed be crazy with the power.

She later became a higher being which in Season 4 was discovered to be a diversion to implant a demi-goddess inside her.

She was knocked into acoma tose shortly after.

She died in early 2004 as a result of the of the permanent dream state.

Her spirit briefly visited Angel and the Gang inside Wolfram and Hart in the episode You're Welcome as part of a last goodbye.

Cordelia and AngelEdit

Angel soon at the end of Season 3 discovered his love for Cordelia but not before being taken away at the same time she ascended.

Angel then believes after witnessing Cordelia and Connor make love that she loves Connor.

However it is never really confirmed.

they should never be together

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