Caritas was a Demon Karaoke Bar in Los Angelas ran by the empath demon Lorne.

The subterrestial residents are unable to perform violence upon each other due to a powerful spell performed by the Transuding Furies.

It is a hot spot for dimensional portals and as described by its propietor latin for Mercy.

A Drokken Beast has escaped from a portal inside Caritas.

Cordelia also at the time of Lorne's distant cousin sucked into a portal there.

It was destroyed countless times up until Daniel Holtz finally incinerated the building.

Lorne finally gave up to singing at a las Vegas Casino.


Angel has reverted to singing Barry Manilow at Caritas as well as Vampire Harmony performing there.

Winifred Burkles first outing once rescued from Pylea was singing at Lorne's bar.

Many demons of all varieties some of which clients of Angel have attended Caritas.

The Destruction of CaritasEdit

Caritas has been held up several times due to the enemies of Angel as a way of trying to destroy him.

Charles Gunn's old demon hunting gang stormed Caritas and took hostages.

Several Demons were killed innocent or not, but the attack was later thwarted by Gunn, Angel, Fred and rather panicky green demon with a hungry secret.

Daniel Holtz also set the place alight in pursuit of Darla and Angel.

That was the last time Caritas was destroyed as Lorne did not build it again.

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