Angel Wiki is a collaborative website that anyone can edit! They Help the Helpless and continue the exciting world of Buffy. Angel was the vampire with a soul who fell in love with the slayer in the small town of Sunnydale California. He soon departed for Los Angelas to fix his wounded soul. Soon meeting up with new and old friends he began Angel Investigations with their motto to help the helpless. From the vampires to the demons of hell nothing was compared to the centuries old vampire with a conscience. Airing from late 1999 to early 2004 Angel gained acclaim as a successful spin off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sink your teeth into this exciting wiki dedicated to the amazing television series and its characters; From Cordelia Chase, Wolfram and hart, Charles Gunn and Winifred Burkle. The amazing locations from the Hyperion Hotel to Caritos to Pylea. From Demon karaoke to Shanshu Prophecies and all the obstacles of L.A theres nothing the heroes will not face. Read and contribute to all the merchandise such as novelizations, comics, toyware and more! Events and Commerations. From the writing crew to the inventor himself Joss Whedon. Atone your tortured soul with the Angel universe.

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